Serial Killers

Serial Killers: The Mind behind the Kill

Mr. Lawson
Man, Myth, and Magic Period 4
17 May 2012
Julia Anne Catherine Mattice

Serial Killers: The Mind behind the Kill
Throughout history there have been murderers and serial killers haunting the memories of every child. Some killers kill for the thrill or because they are getting paid and others are just psychotic. So what really goes on inside the mind of a serial killer? People are raised with a certain number of rules and guidelines which help them grow into formed adults who will learn to construct a world of their own and eventually teach their own children. In this learning process children are often abused physically, emotionally, and sexually. Looking through a serial killers life there are many commonalities that can be found in their childhood which explains why they are who they are and why they find pleasure in the suffering of other human beings.
The most popular question that people have is why do killers kill? When the police reports have been filled out and the psyches have done their evaluation the answer always ends up being that the person is psychologically damaged and needs to go to a hospital where they will be helped. What if the problem is not psychological? What if it resides in the killers’ childhood? It is very easy to just say that the person was traumatized and needs help getting over the issue, but it is not that simple. Most rapists have fallen victim to being molested as a child and never fully recuperated from that event. If psychologists are just diagnosing these monsters and setting them free where is that actually taking the problem?
When it comes down to making a list of possible characteristics of murderers the list tends to build on itself: chronically aggressive individuals, the over controlled hostility type, the hurt and resentful, the traumatized, the obsessive, and the list goes on. If this is the list, then more than half of the American population could be...