Serial Killers

Till death do you part. This is the oath you take upon marriage, yet the divorce rate in the United States is unfortunately increasing to about fifty percent or more. More and more spouses choose divorce as a way to escape from obstacles in family life. This is starting to become a tragedy.   In my opinion three major causes leading to divorce are money problems, infidelity by one partner or both, and a lack of communication.
One of the main reasons for divorce is arguments over money or the inability to maintain financial stability. Money enables people to buy many things; unfortunately, it can't buy happiness, love or a lasting relationship. And surprisingly, money turns out to be the leading cause of today's divorce rates. There are many different means when it comes to money in a marriage. In some situations where one of the spouses has control issues because he or she brings in the financial stability, the earner assumes total control over the bank accounts. Also, each person in the marriage may have different values. Many couples have different values where money is concerned. One might like to save while the other may be a gambler. If a man isn't completely comfortable with his wife being the breadwinner, that could cause him to feel less secure than if he were the breadwinner. As an example my sister being the alpha female in her marriage, she intimidates her spouse with her success, which led to unhappiest and divorce. It put a strain on both him and her in the marriage. Money is so powerful it can lead to a disaster in one’s marriage.
Also, another reason a marriage may be leading to a divorce is committing infidelity by one partner or both can lead to a failed marriage. Infidelity is one of the most common problems faced in marriages. Trust issues can become a huge factor in a relationship when one spouse cheats. Marriage is usually based on trust and love. You really have to trust your spouse with your very life, and dark secrets. You should always be...