Serial Killers

Serial Killers
Serial killers: society’s non-mystical monsters. Can they be caught before their hunger to kill or even change their ways after they have murdered? Do serial killers show signs of their sick twisted future to come? Are little children who obsess over small dead animals just curious, or will it progress into more? Are they just simply insane? And can killers be rehabilitated after years of therapy and prison?
There are many characteristics of early serial killers, but are they signs or just a coincidence?
Many popular signs between them are killing small animals and having many incidents with fire. Serial killers are often polite charismatic people; people they have crossed in their lives are usually shocked by their sick twisted hobby.   Many of the popular serial killers were abounded or abused by their fathers so are they to blame? Are these actual signs that will lead to a horrible life of killing? Or should they just be overlooked?   I believe they are signs and they should be acted upon at an early stage, as soon as the signs become noticeable.
Serial Killers are also known as psychopaths, but are they truly insane?   Many, almost every serial killer pleads insanity as a legal defense. But they are far from it. Serial killers aren’t insane, they just have a different way of expressing themselves or feeling better; made like an artist paints a picture or a musician writes an amazing song. The only reason they plead guilty is because being confirmed legally insane guarantees getting off death row, and if their keepers are convinced they’ve changed they could be released.
The next big question is after years and years of prison and therapy can they be released back into the real world? Are they actually changed or will they just return to their nasty habits? No, serial killers cannot be rehabilitated. There is no way they can change their ways over any amount of time.   Killing is their life, either they killed for many years, or just...