Serbia was a sufferer in the First World War, they were the ones who were attacked. They fight back just to protect themselves. Here are some evidence to prove that they’re were just an innocent victim in the war.
Serbia was forced to sign unfair treaties after the loss of independence to the Kingdom of Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. As the Ottoman rule was brutal, the entire Serbian population had risen up against the rule of Ottoman Empire. After the first and Second Serbian Uprising, semi-independence from the Ottoman Empire was resulted. Serbia’s citizens were furious when signing those unfair treaties. Also, the savage rule of Ottoman seriously offended Serbs dignity, the hatred of Serbs raised a lot.
During the Serbo-Turkish War in 1876, Serbia proclaimed its unification with Bosnia. However, by article 25 of the Treaty of Berlin, 1878, Austria-Hungary was permitted to occupy Bosnia, which made Serbia very dissatisfied. As most of the lands in Bosnia belong to Serbia, Serbian agents at the Congress of Berlin tried to protest against Austria-Hungary annexing Bosnia. Serbia is a geographically a land-locked state. Therefore, Bosnia was very important to Serbia. Occupation of Bosnia by Austria Hungary made Serbia feel insecure and uncomfortable. Also after Serbia proclaimed its unification with Bosnia, Austria Hungary still occupied Bosnia, it made Serbia feel they’re not respected. And this risen the anger of Serbs.
After that, secret society named Black Hand was built to encourage Bosnians to fight for independence from Austria. In late June 1914, the heir of the Austria Hungary, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated by a Bosnian student in Sarajevo. Austria-Hungary insisted that the assassination was plotted by Serbia, so she forced Serbia to accept some unfair clauses. Serbia accepted part of the terms. Austria-Hungary was dissatisfied and hence declared war on Serbia. However, there was no evidence that Serbia encouraged or planned...