Franz Ferdinand Newspaper Article

Early yesterday afternoon the Arch Duke and possible heir to the throne, Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by the Black Hand terrorist group.

Gavrilo Princip, 21, member of the Black Hand terrorist group was sitting in a restaurant in the early hours of yesterday afternoon when he saw the Archduke’s car go past. He quickly ran out of the restaurant and shot the Archduke and his wife. It is said that the Archduke acted heroically, even though he had a bullet in the neck he nursed his wife who had also been shot- they both died shortly after they had been shot.

It has been revealed in the early hours of this morning that there were five other conspirators, all of whom had tuberculosis. This made them the perfect men for the job as they are going to die no matter what happens as there is no treatment available for it in this present day.

Earlier in the day there had been two other assassination attempts on the Archduke as he was on his way to the town hall.

After this scandal the Austro-Hungarian Empire have issued Serbia with a series of ultimatums:
    • Perge of it’s military
    • Fast trial and sentencing of the assassin

The attempted assassin’s name is Cabrinovic. He tried to commit suicide after people found out it was him who tried to kill the Archduke. He took a cyanide pill that did not work and then tried to drown himself in a stream that was not deep enough.

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