Sci 241 Final Paper-Nutrition and Excercise

Personal Nutrition and Exercise Plan
Rosellia Labayog

Personal Nutrition and Exercise Plan
The personal nutrition and exercise plan has been the big impact on my health.   The number one reason why I have changed my diet plan was because I was diagnosed with hypertension recently and this gave me a wake up call to change my diet and lifestyle.   The health education that I have read throughout the course has help me knowing that I have been eating unhealthy.   The main cause of hypertension is from eating high levels of salt, being over weight, lack of physical activity, stress, genetics, family history of high blood pressure, or smoking (, 2011).   My father, grandparents, and other family members have high blood pressures so I guess I got it from them. I was afraid that if I do not change my diet and if I do not exercise that I might end up having a heart attack or a stroke one day.  
High blood pressure is often called a silent disease because you usually don't know you have it; there may be no outward symptoms or signs, so monitoring your blood pressure are critical.   The motivation that I got to change my diet was this and I have changed what I eat throughout the day and the facts that many millions of Americans have this sickness have problems with their heart.   Many Americans have heart diseases and have stroke at a very young age.   “High blood pressure can be controlled. Mild cases are treated by losing excess weight and reducing the intake of sodium and alcohol. More serious cases are treated with drugs such as diuretics, beta blockers, calcium antagonists, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, alpha blockers, and centrally acting compounds that affect regulatory centers in the brain. Treatment can usually assure a normal life.” (, 2011).   There are certain types of foods that can help balance out what we can take in order to maintain a healthy diet.   This can prevent us from gaining weight and give us more energy to...