Security of Shopping Centre

Chock khai yek
The strategies for reducing crime in and around malls is improved internal and external circumference mall measures, internal such as security system.The system will be designed to provide better surveillance and prevent crimes at the malls. This will be enforced in cooperation with security departments at all governorates and the security teams at the malls,“The ministry is now discussing the security systems in the malls” .(Maj Raed Buslaib)Improve internal shop surveillance by removing as many obstructions as possible from the front window display so passers-by, or even official security guards, can get a clear, unobstructed view of the inside of the shop. Provide shoplifting awareness training, the shopping mall may provide or sponsor shoplifting awareness and prevention training for its tenants and their employees. Installation of a security alarm system, Alarms did not reduce the risk of shop-breaking, but lowered the success rate, as they interrupted some crime happen. And also the alarms system will faster contact police if the crime happen. Nowadays most shopping malls are using security guards to constantly monitor their CCTV security cameras, it is important for employees understand how to recognize criminal behavior while monitoring the live video. The CCTV camera systems must be well placed in order to capture the best video. The presence of these security cameras also deters crime. Security cameras also used to monitor employees especially when they are work in the cash registers. Some shopping malls contract with local professional security companies to monitor their shopping centers.(Lucia)

External circumference mall measures such as window ,door and public transport. Windows were the most vulnerable point of illicit entry and the rear facades of buildings were attacked twice as often as the sides and three times as often as the fronts. In an interview with NBC News on Monday, said a mall is what security experts call a ‘soft...