Media Gives a Negative Impact to the Security and Safety of Country


“I have always opposed the idea of Australia and New Zealand being in the group (ASEAN) simply because Australia and New Zealand are not really East, nor are they Asian.”
Prime Minister Mahathir


1. New Zealand's links with Malaysia today are primarily visible in terms of trade, tourism, educational services and the like. During the quarter century after World War II however, security considerations were paramount in defining relations with Malaya (Malaysia from 1963). In 1955, for example, Prime Minister Sidney Holland described Malaya as the front-line of New Zealand's very defence system.[1] A decade later, when being pressed to support American military efforts in Vietnam, Keith Holyoake's government reaffirmed that Malaysia represented the first priority within New Zealand's defence commitments and obligations in South-East Asia[2]. This set the scene for what has become a profitable and enduring relationship between the two countires.
2. New Zealand has had a long standing commitment to Malaysia when it came to offering tertiary education assistance for the youth of the Country and has more recently taken active steps to ensure that Malaysian students studying in NZ feel more welcome and are better intergrated into NZ society and culture for the during of their stay. NZ educational institutions have produced many fine graduates for Malaysia who have progressed to key leadership positions within Malaysian business and the public sectors. Malaysia is also viewed as an important trading partner to New Zealand within the ASEAN block and represents a valuable source of two way trade. Malaysia has usually been a strong supporter of New Zealand and its free trade aspirations and the movement from parrell studies on the benefits of a free trade agreement to negotiations to discuss the detail of the free trade agreement under Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi term is indicative of...