Virtual Bookkeeping

A Business Plan


Virtual Bookkeeping Service

Table of Contents

  1. Form of Business
  2. Short Term Objectives
  3. Long Term Objectives
  4. Personnel
  5. Insurance
  6. Location
  7. Business Risk
  8. Products and Services
  9. Customers/Clients
  10. Locating Clients
  11. Competition
  12. Marketing Plan
  13. Equipment and Materials Needed


Form of Business Proprietorship

A proprietorship business form has been chosen.   This will create personal identification and responsibility.   Each client will be dealt with on an individual basis and confidence and good reputation will be used for business growth.

Core Business Values:

The BIZ Direct seeks to provide a full suite of bookkeeping, tax and management accounting services for small, social enterprise/community businesses and charities, allowing business owners to not only save money over in-house accounting and ensure their compliance with tax laws and accounting reporting, but to make valuable management decisions of their business/services and funding.
BIZ DIRECT has set the following objectives:
    • To launch the virtual and contact bookkeeping services that will offer professional services for target clients anywhere in the UK.
    • To start the service in two major UK cities; Liverpool and Manchester in the first and second year, then extend to more cities in the third and fouth year.
    • To engage a network of qualified and professional bookkeepers in target cities and to offer Server/client based localised bookkeeping services.
    • To achieve gross income of £60,000 each year minimum in three years
    • To recruit 15 home-based/part-time computer-base bookkeepers in three years

Aims: 1. The aim of the business is to establish a professional virtual bookkeeping service that will reflect quality performance and fill a wide range of...