Section 5 Nvq 3

Sharon Orchard
Health and Social Care Level 3
Section 5
Case Study

1. How would you explain the term ‘confidentiality’ to Hannah?
I would be straight forward and honest with Hannah, I would explain that what she tells me is confidential and I would tell her that I cannot keep secrets and that it is in her best interest that relevant people should be told in order to resolve the issue with her new medication these people including her daughter and her GP are involved in her care plan. I would also explain her daughter only gets upset because she is concerned and wants the best for her. I would explain to her that if I share the information with her doctor, he might be able to replace the medication with an alternative liquid. It is in her best interest that I share the information with only authorised people to prevent any harm or neglect and respecting her confidentiality.

2. Identify the range of people who may need to know about Hannah’s situation, and describe any tensions that may occur if the information is shared.

Hannah may refuse to give further information regarding this or anything else that is bothering her. She may isolate herself and she may feel she has no one to trust; therefore it is important that I explain to her that it is my duty of care to look after her wellbeing. It could cause tension between her and her daughters relationship. Family and all professional bodies that have involvement in Hannah’s medication e.g. Social workers, psychologist, care workers.

3. Describe ways to maintain confidentiality in day to day communication.

  Keep care plans in folders and not in general areas.
  Only speak about your clients to other staff, passing on information relevant to their care and wellbeing.
  Don't gossip about clients with other staff or anyone else.
  Never give out personal information to anyone on the phone, unless expressly told to by senior staff.  
  Always ensure that you cannot be overheard by other people...