Scottish Doctor

Sonnet 18 was about one thing really. It told about how he lost his love, and is sometimes reminded about it. People look at him and know what happened. That there is no fire in him anymore. That he does not appreciate some things anymore.
Sonnet 28 is also about love also. The author obviously has a theme going on. Talking about things that I remind them of the love they once had. Of the passion they once had for their love, but the fire in them has dimmed down, and is no longer there.
William Shakespeare, in his Sonnets, also talks of love. But William shares of the love he currently has also. Also of how he is reminded of his love, and what he loves about her. But in Sonnet 130 he talks about how love can shine like a star, but it can always dim down and burn out. Always. He is always reminded of love. And he likes to show his love that he loves them. Every little thing about them.
Compared, these Sonnets can be similar. They are all about not having a love anymore. And also about being reminded of it. Everything around them reminding them of their love, they once had, and that they want once again.
Contrasted, these Sonnets cant be alike in a way. William Shakespeare’s Sonnets were mainly themed about love and what he loved about his loves. All that reminded him of them and they true beauty behind them. The other author’s Sonnet’s (18 and 28) were mainly themed about how he lost his love and thinks about all the memories.