Jean piaget’s theory

Jean Piaget was born in Switzerland in 1896. After receiving his doctoral degree at age 22, Piaget formally began a career that would have a profound impact on both psychology and education. After working with Alfred Binet, Piaget developed an interest in the intellectual development of children. Based upon his observations, he concluded that children were not less intelligent than adults, they simply think differently. Albert Einstein called Piaget's discovery "so simple only a genius could have thought of it."

Jean Piaget discovered that they were four stages of human development; these are physical, intellectual (cognitive), emotional and social development.
He also thinks that born babies are born intelligent and ready to learn.
The stages | At infancy children are 0-3yrs | Childhood 11yrs | Adolescence 11-18yrs | Adolescence 18 - 65yrs | Later adulthood 65+yrs |
Physical development | They can move their big   muscles (gross) | At 3 children start to do some exercise as they are leaded. | Puberty beginsAnd body structure worries them   | They are fully developed and are physically   old enough | Skin tone changes Posture changes Size changes they Become frail |
Intellectual development | They don’t understand their environment yet | They can think ahead without any need for pictures to demonstrate. | They know how to make life decisions without needing to be told | Can think of ideas and then decide before acting towards them | They are more likely To have a short Memory (dementia) |
Emotional development | They are egocentric and they want attention. | Learns how to solve problems. | They like to spend time with friends and are independent | Has a better sense of self and becomes more emotional | Gets worried about What tomorrow will Bring they become Emotionally disturbed |
Social development | At this stage children are egocentric. they can start painting when 3yrs old | Knows how to share and take turns. | They know...