Sci 241 Week 9 Dq 1

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that about 1/3 (33.8%) of U.S. adults are obese.   Visit the CDC website at and read about the causes and consequences of obesity.   Additionally, watch the “Obesity Epidemic” video at   What did you learn from the website and video on obesity that surprised you?   Explain what you have learned.
I have read the causes and consequences of obesity article and watched the video on the center for disease control website.   The information is almost the same as the book and the information about obesity does not surprise me.   Our eating habits have changed drastically from the past.   We have more options for food when we are not at home or do not feel like cooking a meal.   In my area to face the obesity rise, they have put in biking paths throughout the city and built several parks.   They have also started using only healthy foods when serving lunches in schools.   The junior high and high schools have a full gym with equipment for student and teacher use before and after school, and during gym classes.   For the younger children who take class snacks they require healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables.   I believe it would be a huge benefit if other school systems did the same.   In addition, we have several farmers markets with fresh foods that are cheaper than going to the supermarket and low-income homes can receive vouchers to use at the farmers markets.   Obesity can be the cause of many illnesses that can be prevented.