Sci/241 Food Label Worksheet

University of Phoenix Material

Understanding Food Labels Worksheet

Part A: Analyzing a Food Label

Complete the table below by filling in the requested items. Use the food label of your favorite snack to obtain the information needed.
|Name of Product             |                                         |
|Serving Size               |7 oz.                                   |
|Number of servings per     |1                                       |
|container-package           |                                         |
|1                           |Amount Per Serving                       |
|Calories                   |430                                     |
|Fat calories               |240                                     |
|Grams of fat               |27g                                     |
|Amount of unsaturated fat   |                                         |
|Amount of saturated fat     |10g                                     |
|Amount of trans fat         |0.5g                                     |
|Amount of sodium (salt)     |700mg                                   |
|Grams of protein           |10g                                     |
|Grams of carbohydrates     |37g                                     |
|Grams of Fiber             |2g                                       |

Part B: Calculating Calories

Complete the equations below by using the information you obtained in Part A tables. Use figure 5.19 of   the Visualizing Nutrition textbook as a guidance.

Number of calories from proteins: _10___x_4___ = ___40g____
1 gram of protein = 4 calories

Number of calories from carbs: __40___x__4___=__160g____
1 gram of carbs = 4 calories

Number of calories from fat: _____x___9__=___9.30g______
1 gram of fat = 9 calories

If you were to eat the entire product, how many calories would you have consumed:
Fat: _9.30____
Proteins: ___40____...