Sci 230 Patterns of Evolution

Patterns of Evolution
    Some humans do have the same natural selection that other organisms do. Humans are subject to the same pressures of natural selection as other organisms because of the ways Darwin and Mendel’s observations and scientific methods went. The reason why is because of how humans tend to mimic and mock some other organisms. They tend to not get into how everything works because of the many organisms that there are. Convergent evolution is evolution that happens when organism move just only from just one point and in just one direction is a good example. This is not seen very often, but the flying organisms do this all the time.
    Divergent evolution is evolution that happens when organisms tend to move in many directions at any given time. This happens to us human organisms. We tend to procrastinate and get so mad that we move in many directions at any given time according to a plan or an action of the organism itself or other organisms is a good example.   Adaptive radiation is something that happens when organisms need help in different ways and they cannot use the way that they do it.
    An example would how I am in my room with two ceiling fans. They provide me with relief from pain in my teeth and gums because of the color and the hematic actions of them. The two sentences before are good examples of adaptive radiation. Co-evolution is evolution that is helped by another evolution. Adaptive radiation is part of convergent evolution and a great example would be the cactus and the spurge. Adaptive radiation and the way it helps humans with there many different inventions and explorations is a good example of something that would have implications for future humans. It would do it by the way that future humans might create for themselves to heal up from ceiling fans and other objects at which the live or stay.