How to Survive Sports

Turn in your forms
Don’t turn them in late or the “chances of making a team” (Scots Scoop News) are hurt.
The coaches will think that you don’t care enough.    

Go to the schools clinics before tryouts.
This will allow the coaches to know what you can do before they see other people that want to try out as well.
You might even get to meet some of your teammates and become friends.

Always have a positive attitude.
Do not create drama or engage in it “demonstrate the maturity that coaches will certainly be looking for” (Scots Scoop News).
Support your teammates because “coaches look for and recognize the ability to be a team player” (Scots Scoop News).

Do your hardest during off season.
Off season is preseason for next year.
Coaches plan their teams for next year “and this is a perfect opportunity for you to make a good early impression” (Scots Scoop News).

How to Survive Relationships

Don’t be the clingy girlfriend.
Being obsessed causes you to seem like you are the crazy girl.
Don’t try to know where he/she is all the time; “people hate annoying girls just as much as you” (wikiHow).

Be yourself.
“Don't dress or act a different way to get a boy's or girl's attention” (wikiHow); they should like you for who you are.
Don’t lie to people because you want them to trust you and know who you are.

Don’t go too fast.
Take your time in knowing who you want to date so “explore your options, befriend lotsa boys and see who you mesh with” (Girls Life).
Be sure you know who he/she is before you start to date them.

Don’t let the relationship take control of your whole life.
Relationships can sometimes because you lose focus on “more important things like work, your girls and grades - the boys will never disappear” (Girls Life).
Remember that education should always be the most important. You can’t always have you focus on him/her.

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