Scholarship Essay

To whom so ever it may concern,
My name is XYZ; I am a first-year MBA student, from India, at the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. I have chosen this academic degree to achieve my goal to become a Product Marketing manager.  
After finishing my undergrad in Material Science & Engineering from PTU, India, I gained five years of experience in marketing research and analysis, product development, and strategic planning. As a Business Analyst in a mid-sized start up manufacturing company, Precision Products, in India, I worked on the business development team that increased the company’s’ client base by analyzing market. I also lead few consulting projects for the company for which I understood and handled customer complaints and services. As a Research Engineer at LG Electronics, South Korea, I worked with the product development team to re-engineer, re-design products by finalizing product specifications based on existing market trends, technology and customer demands. I, after learning the language and working deli gently for 1 year, was made the leader to develop the first ever combination washing machine for the North American market which is a big success.  
After completing MBA, as a short term goal, my ideal working environment would be in which I can contribute most utilizing my skills, unique areas of expertise in market research, my analytical and innovative bent of mind, consulting experience and everything that I have learned and developed in my career until this point. I totally understand the importance of customer satisfactions and that many companies are focused on that to expand their business both locally and internationally, especially in Asian countries. I am concentrating my studies in marketing and operations to better understand these aspects. For this summer, I am looking to work for a marketing based or a consulting company, where I can apply my experience and whatever I have learned so far at the Foster School...