Scheme of Work

Scheme of work      Course. Level 1 FS Maths    No of learners.20
checking learning
Minimum core
(lit, num & ICT)
Differentiation and other notes
Wk 1
Introduction to course; explain qualification(s); in-class assessment/diagnostic assessment.
Q&A;observation/evaluation; examination of written answers
Handout, white board, assessment computer
Reading;questionin; discussing;calculating
Complete diagnostic assessment. Place value; ordering numbers; negative numbers; reading temperatures on a thermometer; storing frozen goods; bank statements
Q&A;observation/evaluation; examination of written answers; tactile number line; bank statement credits and debits, peer checking, discussion on government spending figures on public services
Assessment computer, profiler assessment, thermometers, worksheet,matching card. Whiteboard, designed sample of bank statement
Reading;questionin; discussing; problem-solving; calculating
Addition, subtraction; checking strategies; working with money; shopping bills; payslips
Q&A;observation/evaluation; examination of written answers; checking the correct change; payslip deductions, direct questioning
Handout, whiteboard, calculator, smartboard, internet.  
Reading; questioning; discussing; problem-solving; calculating, watching You tube
Multiplication, division; checking strategies; multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, etc.
Q&A; observation/evaluation; examination of written answers; checking sales order, direct questioning, peer checking,
Designed multiplication table from 1-10, whiteboard,handout,worksheet,
Reading; questioning; discussing; problem-solving; calculating
Rounding and estimating; estimating as a checking strategy; estimating for a budget, Round numbers to a given power of 10. Round to the nearest integer and to a given number of...