Correlationship Between National Syllabus, Scheme of Work and Lesson Plan

Discuss the major functions of supervision by a school head.

In running a school, a school head is faced with a myriad. of tasks to do.   (Ojo, 1999) postulates that school administration involves managing and administering the curriculum and teaching, discipline, assessment, evaluation and examination, resource allocation, costing and forward planning, staff appraisal, relationship with the community, use of practical skills necessary for surviving the policies of the organization such as decision-making, negotiation, bargaining, communication, conflict handling, running meetings and so on. All these tasks can be reduced to the following: planning, organization, directing, supervising and evaluating the school system. The head must ensure these activities are directed towards efficient and effective teaching and learning. It follows therefore that, the head of a school is a planner, director, controller, coordinator, organizer, counsellor, adviser and a problem solver. He is the person on whose shoulders rest the entire administration, success or failure of the school. According to Uyanga, 2007, the head identifies and set the goals and objectives of the school which, of course, must be in line with the national objectives, analyses tasks and share responsibilities of staff according to specialization and expertise.
This undertaking purports to discuss the major functions   of supervision by a school head.

Definition of terms

Supervision: is generally defined as a regular one to one meeting between the supervisor   and supervisee in order to meet organizational, professional and personal objectives. Alfred Kadushin, 1992,’s discussion of supervision in social work helps in understanding supervision. He goes back to earlier commentators such as John Dawson (1926) who postulated that the focus and function of supervision   differs with context. They noted that as such there is administrative supervision, educational supervision and supportive...