Scheme of Work Critique

Review of Scheme of Work:

I feel that my scheme of work provides students with a good opportunity for successful learning. The scheme provides a framework for enjoyable, and interactive lessons; fulfilling one of the aims of the National curriculum for science.

An area for improvement after reflection of my school experience is to include less verbal explanation of topics from a powerpoint presentation during some lessons, and provide students with the opportunity to find out and share the information for themselves through group activities and by researching information sheets; make lessons more engaging.  

Continuity and Progression:

The scheme of work is organised to provide continuity and progression. Each lesson consolidates the information from the previous lesson, leading    

Assessment for Learning:

“Assessment for learning is the process of seeking and interpreting evidence for use by
Learner’s and their teachers to decide where the learners are in their learning, where they
need to go and how best to get there” (Assessment Reform Group, 2002).

On reflection of my school experience, I don’t feel that that all the plenary activities in the scheme of work were effective in enabling me to assess all the students in the class.   For example, in the traffic lights plenary in lesson one, I used the phrase ‘Does everyone know?’ to start most of my questions; so students felt that they needed to put up a green card indicating that they knew the answer to the question; in order to fit in. Modification of this plenary for future lessons would be to ask direct questions, and provide further questioning to the students who know the answer; providing differentiation and challenge to higher level students. My aim for future lessons is to make my assessment for learning more consistent in order to gain as more information from students; allowing me to differentiate the next lesson.

Relationship to the National curriculum:

This scheme of...