Saftey and the Dangers of Driving

Safety and the Dangers of Driving
Significant changes have taken place in the automobile.   The automobile went from a simple vehicle like the model T Ford, to a large massive pile of iron that went fast and consumed gas as if there was no tomorrow.   In the 70’s when gas shortages hit, the size and technology in a vehicle began to rapidly change.   Today, we have vehicles that are lighter with less metal and more technology to make it safer.   There are a number of things that make driving unsafe and hazardous at times.   It includes everything from drinking under the influence, to various distractions such as texting, or something as simple as eating while driving.   External factors in vehicle safety are weather conditions, road configurations, and other drivers around you.   In the following article, we will explore two safety issues that make driving safer today.   The first part consists of roundabouts and how they have improved safer vehicle operations, and the second being the vehicle itself.  

With roundabouts being developed for various reasons, one aspect of roundabouts that prove beneficial is the safety features.   As a result from being placed in areas that once had traditional intersections with stop lights, roundabouts have reduced accidents by a significant number.   Based on a study from 2001, it reported that converting a traditional intersection with stop lights to a roundabout, reduced injury crashes by eighty percent, and all other crashes by forty percent.   This same report also revealed that because of the roundabouts, it significantly reduced the fatalities in these areas by as much as ninety percent.   Reasons cited for the drop in severe injuries and fatalities were due to the fact that roundabouts only allow for right hand turns.   They also reduce speeds for a smoother traffic flow.   Roundabouts do not eliminate accidents entirely, but reports suggest that because of the way they are configured, accident severity is lessened by the type of...