Punishment Against Road Rage

Road rage has become an increasingly dangerous conflict between drivers on our streets.   I do not think anyone who abuses the right to drive by creating chaos with other drivers should get away with that kind of aggressive behavior.   Drivers should treat others with respect while driving on the roads.   I have developed a plan to decrease road rage and increase safe driving using punishment by law with a “three strikes you’re out” program. The offenses and their consequences are as follows:

A first offence that would be given to a driver for causing road rage would be a written warning.   This warning can be issued to anyone who is putting other drivers in danger while driving.   If someone witnesses someone recklessly driving they should contact authorities to report a description of the driver, the car’s license plate number, and what they were doing wrong.   Once this report has been made the reckless driver will receive the written warning in the mail explaining to them what they did wrong and warning them of what will happen if they do it again.

The second offence would be giving the wrongful driver a ticket costing anywhere from $25 to $100, depending on the degree of the road rage.   For instance, if the driver were to vengefully intend to cut off a fellow driver because they had gotten to a parking spot before the driver had, this driver could be cited with a first offence and ticketed $25 for victimizing his fellow driver.   On the other hand, if the driver (in the same situation) had harassingly targeted his fellow driver and made harmful threats directed to them he would be served with a ticket for $100, due to how dangerous he is to other drivers.

The third offence would be an appearance in court before the judge.   If one person repeatedly commits acts of road rage the courts will now take legal action into making sure it will not happen again.   This includes deciding whether they should serve time in jail or have their license suspended.   Most...