Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet: On Ice
The Complete First Act of the Condensed Version
The storied play in a modern hockey context.
List of Characters

Montreal Canadiens (House of Capulet)
Random Girl-Juliet
Michel Therrien-Capulet
Brandon Prust-Tybalt
Travis Moen-Gregory
Ryan White-Sampson

Toronto Maple Leafs (House of Montague)
Phil Kessel-Romeo
Randy Carlyle-Montague
Tyler Bozak-Benvolio
Joffrey Lupul-Mercutio
Colton Orr-Abram

Other Actors
Brendan Shanahan-Prince Escales

This play adaptation is set in Toronto Ontario and Montreal Quebec in the year 2013.

Act 1 Scene 1
On the Ice
Michel Therrien sends his 4th liners (fighters) out to cause trouble to try to spark his team, and to beat up the Leafs.
Travis Moen and Ryan White jump over the boards at the whistle.
They line up for the faceoff.
Enter Colton Orr. (Line up for faceoff beside Ryan White)
TRAVIS MOEN: (Aside to Ryan) Draw thy fists, here comes of the house of Toronto.
RYAN WHITE: (Aside to Travis)“I will bite my thumb at them, which is disgrace to them if they bear it” (1.1.35-36).
COLTON ORR: “Do you bite your thumb at us, sir?” (1.1.37).
RYAN WHITE: “I do bite my thumb, sir “(1.1.38).
COLTON ORR: “Do you bite your thumb at us, sir?” (1.1.39).
RYAN WHITE: (Aside to Travis) “Is the law of our side if I say ay?” (1.1.40).
TRAVIS MOEN: (Aside to Ryan) “No” (1.1.41).
RYAN WHITE: “No, sir I do not bite my thumb at you, sir, but I bite my thumb, sir” (1.1.42-43).
TRAVIS MOEN: “Do you quarrel, sir?” (1.1.44).
COLTON ORR: Quarrel, sir? No, sir (1.1.45).
KELLY SUTHERLAND: One more word and you both serve a penalty.
TYLER BOZAK: “Part, fools! Put up your swords, you know what not you do” (1.1.55-56).
Enter Brandon Prust
Brandon Prust: Shut up you wimp Bozak or I’ll kill you. (Other choice words made present but not included in this version of the script.)
TYLER BOZAK: “I do but keep the peace. Put up thy sword, or manage it to part these...