Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet.
Romeo and Juliet is a heart breaking play, involving a numerous amount of emotions such as hatred, love and violence. Even though it seems the play is about love and happiness there are many scenes involving violence and conflict. For example the play begins with a brawl in the streets of fair Verona and ends up with the two main characters death being introduced to the play (Romeo and Juliet), also other beloved members of both families end with tragic deaths. The unique and refined play was made in Italy in the sixteenth century. In that day and age the public would off loved any opportunity that they had to go and watch anything what shows a vast amount of different types of emotional behaviour such as violence and members of the play showing their undying love for one another. In this essay I will discuss the repercussions love can have such as violence and major conflict between one society and another.
The violent opening of act 1 scene 1 immediately catches the audience’s attention. The reason being to this is because we are presented with the violent brawl involving both servants from each of the two families Capulet and Montague in the public street of Verona. The opening scene introduces the theme of the play and therefore gives a small taste of the rest of the violent upcoming events. This scene shows us the ridiculous and immature boys that are intent on disturbing the streets of Verona. For example, Tybalt exclaims "Have at thee, coward!" Obviously, this suggests that a fight is about to take place at the present moment. This highlights the fact that Tybalt is consumed with hatred and doesn't care about anything apart from violence and conflict.
In contrast with Tybalts aggressive behaviour, love is beginning to make Romeo a lot less violent and not as interested in fighting witch shows the contrast between love and hate that love is stronger than hatred as Romeo is not involved in the violence. This brings us to the...