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Essay for English class
“Odysseus is an epic hero”
Odysseus is the main character of Homer’s epic poem of the Greek mythology, the Odyssey, which tells his great adventures on the way to Ithaca, his homeland, back from the Trojan War. The royal bloods man - the great-grandson of god Hermes, the patron of commerce and thieves from which it has inherited mind, dexterity, partialness, his parents — Laertes and Antiglue. But in a poem the divine origin of the hero, though it as it is peculiar to the epic hero, the brave soldier, the master of hand-to-hand fight and shooting from an onion is not emphasized any more. But in military velour and physical strength it is surpassed by many. Odysseus there is no equal mind, a cunning, initiative, patience, in art of advice and a word.
In "Odyssey" for the first time force is compelled to concede to intelligence. It is shown at Odysseus over a wide range: from egoistical cunning up to the raised wisdom. Quick wits and light reason — his main dignity. The Homer draws also its will, enterprise, its greedy curiosity, interest to the new grounds, lives, love to family, and the native land; however the epic hero is allocated also by human weaknesses: it is self-confident, boastful, subject to minute fear, despair.
Odysseus, with its impulse in unknown and at the same time aspiration home, causing envy of gods, tests all completeness of a life. It is the most controversial and consequently advanced of all heroes of the antique epos. It the soldier, archer, the first and in hand-to-hand to fight, the husband of advice, the talkative orator and the diplomat, the seaman, helmsman, a merchant, at times the pirate, the athlete, the plowman, the reaper, the carpenter, the mason, saddler.
The main hero embodies the antique requirement of steadiness, refusal of extreme measures. It is the complete image presented in all vital situations which can fall to a lot of the man.
Only the Homer has represented the person in its all...