Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet Essay

In Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet die a tragic death due to human errors. First, they made very hasty decisions. Second, Romeo was very stupidly in love. Lastly, the hatred between the two houses also played a factor in their deaths. At the end of the essay you would also believe that it was due to human errors that caused the death of poor Romeo and Juliet.

How is it that Romeo is already willing to die for Juliet, only meeting her for the first time, instead of letting their love grow? Also how Romeo just had his heart broken by Rosaline. After meeting Juliet, they sneak to the balcony after the dance to kiss, and Romeo compares her to an angel. The most beautiful creature alive. The craziest part is that after meeting only two days ago, they were exchanging wedding vows in front of the Friar and the nurse as a witness.

Instead of the Mr., Casanova (Romeo) thinking with his head instead like a normal human being, he was thinking with his heart, which was broken. Romeo wasn’t fully in love with Juliet, you can tell because of the fact that just moments ago he just meet Juliet. On the balcony they also kissed like there was no tomorrow. Juliet was also fault because she was disagreeing how quickly everything was happening and at the speed it was occurring at.

The hatred between the two houses/families was growing strong. Over a situation that no one knows how it was started. But it was because of the hatred between the two houses that no-one was aware of the marriage except the four people. If Juliet would’ve told her parents that she was married to Romeo, they wouldn’t have made the marriage plans with Paris and Juliet. That is what drove Juliet to take the poison so that she would appear dead. Which Balthasar saw the funeral telling Romeo, who bought a vile of poison from the Apothecary to commit suicide next to Juliet?

In conclusion it was because of the fact that it was because of the errors...