Romeo and Juliet


Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy about two star crossed lovers whose love cannot apart them from their two feuding families. Love can cause many things, it can even lead to death, this is what happened to young Romeo and Juliet who took their own life because of the love they had for each other, although, Romeo and Juliet were not completely responsible for their deaths, but it did end hundreds of years of hatred.

Well, Romeo and Juliet were very much not responsible for their death, it had a lot to do with the people surrounding them, but I will start with what parts Romeo and Juliet had to do with.   Starting with Romeo;   I think he acted way too quickly throughout the story, at the opening when he had fallen for Rosaline, then not much longer after that had fallen for Juliet, then only after a night at the ball they had fallen in love, and he rushed straight into getting secretly married, and he should of thought more about rushing back to Verona so quickly after hearing about Juliet’s death.

And Juliet, she had some of the same problems at Romeo, she actually was the one who probably caused Romeo’s death. She shouldn’t have acted the way she did to her parents; she knew she was getting engaged with Paris who was a wealthy man, and was happy with getting engaged to him until the night of the ball when Romeo and Juliet first met. And then not long after that she was rushing into getting married to Romeo.

Next is the character that surrounded Romeo and Juliet who also play a part in their death.
Tybalt is the cause that puts Romeo and Juliet off on their downhill path. He is always causing trouble and makes violence wherever he goes. He always harassed Romeo and tried to make him fight, then when Romeo does fight him to get, he ends up killing Tybalt.

In the play Paris never really loved Juliet, not in the same way Romeo did. Paris never really got to know Juliet, if he did get...