Romeo and Juliet Essay

The themes of love, fate and hate are powerful elements which have been used by Shakespeare to engage the reader and provide certain explanations for the plot of Romeo and Juliet.   These themes are shown through the evolving relationship of the star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet and the rivalry between their two families. As the play progresses, these themes become integral in the way they explain the narrative and provide the basis for Shakespeare's play.

One of the main themes in Romeo and Juliet is love. The love between the two characters is the backbone of the story. Romeo and Juliet were born to two rivalry families. Romeo, a Montague, falls deeply in love with Juliet, who belongs to the house of Capulet. In a preliminary scene of their meeting at the fest, a romantic atmosphere is created. This gives the reader an idea that the characters are about to begin an affair. After many self-planned meetings, the young couple soon build a close relationship. Juliet takes cautious risks by disobeying her parent’s decision in marrying her suitor Paris.   This shows her passionate love for Romeo. The two soon secretly elope. Thus, in act 5 scene 3, Romeo commits suicide after seeing Juliet’s false death. In a tragic twist, Juliet also commits suicide after witnessing Romeo’s death.

The theme of love is also reflected in Paris' unrequited love for Juliet and his urge to marry her. He says when Juliet dies, he will visit to her tomb every day and cover it with fresh flowers.
The importance of love in the play is clearly demonstrated in the relationship between the young couple. They remind the reader that love can bring pleasure as well as sorrow. Love can sometimes be so strong that the couple involved immerse themselves in their own world and forget about others around them, thus leading to destruction and even death. The play teaches young adults about pure love and how important and relevant it is in life, family and society.   Love, therefore, is an...