Roll the Dice

Jordan Smith Hemingway
9/24/12 Letter From Soldier

Dear loving family,
Here I am sitting on the cold hard grounds of the battlefield,   jittery and anxious of what's next to come on this weary night of war. The amount of tenseness and anxiety in the air is rising within every slowly-passing minute. With my head pounding and   my heart racing, the thoughts about the oncoming war run wildly in my head, just listing the endless possibilities of what may happen to me or to anyone on the scene. My fellow soldiers and I were told to rest tonight due to the battle in the morning, but with this much pressure on us, unfortunately, we cannot rest. I remember when I was living at home, you were always putting me into situations where I had to fight for what I believed in, but it was never as stressful as this. Here, we have to attack and nearly kill each other, but only to prove what, exactly? The whole "who was right and who was wrong" statement? It just doesn't seem right, but yet here we are, preparing for a bloody battle in the next few days.   My whole body is frozen solid and full of exhaustion. The only warmth   there is   is the cold, barely-visible spring sun, which is no help in our situation, and the sleeping areas are not the best lifestyle for us men. I am actually pretty shocked that we are still alive in these conditions, with only little sun heat, very poor dwellings, and a decreasing amount of tenacity and stability. The opposing team may also be living the same as we are, maybe even weaker, but that doesn't mean we can just give up. We only have a few nights of   low quality living. We are, sadly, struggling to survive, but in the end, however, it will all be worth it once our victory is proven. We can push through it, and I assume you will be proud of me for moving forward.   I will be perfectly fine and will be heading back home in no time, I promise. I hope that you folk are having a wonderful time, and I may be with you again...