Rest, Romance, and Rock-N-Roll

Rest, Romance, and Rock-n-Roll
Terry Esquire
ENG 525 English Literature
May 2, 1997
Ron Wheeler

Johnson Bible College, Knoxville, TN

      College years are the greatest years of anyone’s life . . . or so they say.   Perhaps we all just want to be young again.   For me, it was the stage to step out of the role of being an only child and becoming a student at a small liberal arts college in the hills of Tennessee.   I’d made some dramatic spiritual changes in the previous years of high school and changed career ideas a few times, but the desire to write remained the same.

      My addition was in being an escapist.   A trait of every fiction writer is an involved imaginary thought process.   I had a spirit of adventure and thrived on books and movies that took me out of reality.   Steven Speilburg, J.R.R. Tolkien, George Lucas, and anything with vampires provided the temporary means of this spirit, but I needed to take larger steps.   My grandfather had lived through the Depression and Atomic Warfare and my parents had watched Vietnam and a presidential assassination on the evening news.   But let’s face it, besides a space shuttle explosion, World Series earthquake, and showing our parents where Kuwait was on the globe, what major events were there for Generation Xers like me before the internet?   Clearly there was more out there and this was my chance to accomplish some goals outside of small town, Ohio. . .to truly escape for the first time.

      I studied Philosophy and Theology along with mixed drinks and dollar movies.   I traveled to Mexico and learned how devious men and women can be in their relationships.   I took a quick shot of popularity while being elected to office, only to turn it down when the woman I loved nearly broke my will to finish school and I retreated from intimate relationships through my remaining academia.   I had one professor that expected all of his students to be perfect while another was unrealistic and made certain no student...