Roles and Responsibilities

My main responsibilities at the place of work are to support the children regarding the learning journey.   If a child needs extra help with Maths, English, Spelling and other activities, my job would be to make sure that they understand the task which has been put before them.  
This will also include one-to-one sections to give them more individual help to help them gain their confidence in completing and understanding the work, but also to let them know that it can be done and they shouldn’t worry if they get things wrong, it will just take them a bit longer for the work to sink in.
My role is to also help the teachers prepare lesson plans such as laminating work sheets, making sure that there are enough materials for various tasks, sharing ideas for events and lesson plans, learning and understanding the schools policies and procedures, making sure that wherever I am working that the environment is safe for the children and for me.



At the school which I am currently work in the rule is that we can were what we want in moderation, but there must be on jeans (anything in jean material), as long as you are smart and not wearing things to attract too much attention to yourselves,
But in general you can wear what you want.

When talking to the children it is best to talk to them the way I would want to be spoken to myself, so there is a level of respect, but also holding the authoritative tone to let them know that manners is also expected from them as well.   The same with the teachers, there has to be mutual respect otherwise problems could arise which eventually the children will see this which will not be good for both me and the teachers.

If a teacher smokes, it is not allowed on the school premises, if they want to smoke they would have to go outside the school and preferably where the children cannot see them.   If would be...