Roles and Responsibilities

In my current position as a ‘Safety Critical’ Trainer, my passion for ‘Safety Critical Tasks’ fuels my enthusiastic delivery of the course encouraging healthy debate and open communication, but should not impose a rigidity that makes learning difficult.

Firstly I would identify learner’s needs, one of the first tasks for me of a class is to discover, validate, and classify the learning needs of the learners including any learning difficulties.
I would then plan and design the course, which meets the needs of the learners and requirements of the course. Most tutors will be responsible for designing their own courses. There are some courses, however, which are prescriptive and have to be delivered in a set way; for these tutors, there may be limited opportunities at this stage of the cycle.
It is also my responsibility to write the syllabus for the course while ensuring that the learning outcomes, aims and objectives for the course are covered in an appropriate way e.g. length of time allocated to each outcome, order in which outcomes are planned; possible delivery strategies; appropriate resources and assessment methods.
For me to deliver the course, which is appropriate for the learners, I must take account of individual needs, which has clear aims and objectives. The activities should be appropriate and varied to appeal to learners with different learning styles. The resources should be well prepared, sufficient for the number of learners and used to support the learning activities. I should differentiate their activities and strategies to ensure all learners can access learning.
Learners should be told at the start of each session what the lesson objectives are and how these relate to the overall course outcomes.

I must ensure that learner achievement and progression is checked throughout the learning process and at the end of the course. The assessment methods have to be fair, reliable and valid and linked to the planned activity tasks.

I will...