Review What Your Role Responsibilities and Boundaries as a Teacher Would Be in Terms of the Teaching/Training Cycle

The role of a teacher is to first identify the needs of their learners. This should be done before any training is carried out.   You can then be ready to deliver to all levels of ability and have the resources to do so, knowing whether there will be any boundaries you may need to overcome.   Some learners may need extra support, knowing my own level of ability and where the boundaries are, is important as this may hinder learners if they do not get the right level of support. It is one of my responsibilities to look at the environment i will be teaching in, as this can have an impact on my teaching.   If the environment is not suitable for the teaching this can have a negative outcome on my training and could hinder the learners.   They need to feel comfortable in their environment and it must be suitable for their needs.   There may also be procedures and protocols i have to follow and i should familiarise yourself with these before you start any training. It is a good idea to make sure that your environment is also in line with current legislation with regard to disabled users so they are able to access with ease, not all buildings are purpose built for teaching and you should bear this in mind if you have to booked somewhere yourself   .
The learners will look to me to lead and as part of my role i have to set out clear rules and responsibility.   From the beginning let them know what is acceptable, for example do you allow smoking? Or they may have to use equipment.   There may be safety implication and it’s your responsibility to make sure the learners read and follow the rules     (D Minton)   “ Safety, remember …. Your principal responsibility is to ensure the health and safety of your students at all times. Institutions and workplaces have safety rules and regulations; you must know what they are and ensure that your students are aware of them.”
It is my responsibility as a trainer to be thoroughly plan and be prepared.   Learning is a highly personal...