Rev.S Maketa

29 NOVEMBER 2009
Preaching Texts
Jeremiah 33.14-16
I Thessalonians 3.9-13
Luke 21.25-36  
In a recent episode of the television show Grey’s Anatomy**, a group of male doctors embark on a camping trip together. Burke and Shepherd, two youngish, virile, single doctors, are taking a fishing trip. They are going off to be mountain men in the wild, complete with a vehicle that looks, as one commentator put it, “kind of like a jeep and kind of like something the Australian army would drive to fight off a kangaroo invasion.”     Drs. Burke and Shepherd pull up to the front door of a swanky Seattle hotel to pick up The Chief, the head of surgery for the entire hospital. Drs. Burke and Shepherd are ready for a real camping trip: they’ve brought backpacks, hiking boots, hip waders, tents, sleeping bags, the whole nine yards. The Chief walks out of the hotel in a polo, khakis, *loafers*, carrying a picnic basket and pulling a small suitcase on wheels behind him. He hands the suitcase to Dr. Shepherd and remarks, “This is my first camping trip.” No, really? Within an hour of arriving at their campsite, the Chief realizes that he’s packed for an afternoon in the park, not a night in the wild; the Chief doesn’t have a tent OR a sleeping bag, and he’s going to be VERY uncomfortable because he wasn’t really ready for what was coming.  
Every year around this time, we in the church begin to get ready for…something. But while we are looking forward to one thing, it often seems that the world in which we live is getting ready for something else entirely. It makes the difference very uncomfortable at times, more so because we’re not always sure what it is we’re supposed to be prepared for*. Someone is showing up for the Advent journey with a picnic basket and a wheelie suitcase, but we’re not sure if it’s us or if it’s the world around us. Maybe it’s both? *Hard to say.
Let us pray: Stir up your power, Lord Jesus, and come. Come to us in ways we cannot expect....