Dance Rev

A Man’s Guide

    1.   I’m comfortable in my own skin
    2. I’m strong confidant communicator
    3. I’m in control of my own feelings outside events don’t disable me.
    4. I’m not needy I keep my power for me
    5. I have no sexual hang-ups I’m comfortable with my views
    6. I’m comfortable around women.
    7. I can hold back when I choose and delay gratification.
    8. I don’t tolerate myself or disrespect my time property
    9. I’m a catch any women that is fortunate to be with me have my attention
    10. I’m not impressed by outward symbols like money or status
    11. I may be smitten by a woman, I don’t tell her early on I don’t let it slip indirectly.
    12. I don’t let women take my power or time
    13. I am unselfconscious, I don’t care what women think
    14. I put myself and my life first
    15. I deserve, & I have permission to talk to exceptional women.
    16. I’m indifferent to the out come of all situations
    17. If someone responded to me negatively   their the one who missed out on something: keep this in my mind even when the negative emotion come up
    18. The more you act in the face of the emotion the more you will discard it when in comes up,
    19. If something you do where your emotions take over, wherever   you go, that is okay because anyone would flip out in that situation; you are holding yourself back.
    20. I don’t let women use there looks or sexual power to take advantage, there are no special privileges.
    21. I understand the culture – get it you know things like Cosmo magazine, Mtv, style food music and humor, I just get it; alright I’m with it.
    22. I can deal with any test a women throws at me matter of fact I find it usually kind of cute.
    23. I live in my reality, you’re a guess.
    24. I’m at cause in the world make it happen I’m not an object, not a victim.
    25. I have good, posture, breath well; I have slowly, and deliberately.
    26. I’m a good...