French Rev

Causes of the French Revolution                                                         Ryan Foringer
The French Revolution was a historical marking point in French and European history. Under the old regime in France the king was the absolute king or monarchy. The king Louis XVI controlled all of France and he played a significant role in Frances economy and history. He created a tax system the only benefited the wealthy. Society was broken down into three estates the first estate was the clergy and the church. The second estate was the nobility and the third estate who was most of every one in France, the peasants urbane workers and the middle class.   During this time the French were defeated in the seven years war against Britain. They were largely in debt. The French debt led to the taxation of the people of France especially the third estate. There was also a rumor going around that since they were so largely in debt that even the price of bread was going to increase and this enraged the bourgeoisie and the rest of the third estate. The nobles and the clergy crossly resisted any attempt to end their exemption from taxes. King Louis XIV called for the estates general, which was the government body that represented the three estates. The estates general had not been called since 1614. The third estate was sick of being taxed and treated like slaves, that they demanded economical change. During the course of the Revolution, France was temporarily transformed from an absolute monarchy, where the king held and abused his power . The causes of the French Revolution were widespread, inside and outside of France. The unfair taxes, high bread prices and the inspiration from the American revolution caused the French people to...