Results of Needs Assessment

Value Builders is a construction company which specializes in the fabrication and installation of glass and aluminum doors, windows, storefronts, curtain wall, glacade, claddings, metal doors and roll up doors. The company aims to provide good service and quality products as a glass and aluminum specialist.
As the group conducted the needs assessment for the company, the group was able to figure out that the company’s problem in the aspect of Information Communication Technology lies with the thorough communication between the company and their clients. They are also in dire need to come up with better computer system, without the problems of system interruption since sometimes they encounter internet and telephone connection problems thus, making their work delayed. They need the said current technology system for the continuous operation of the company as to improve on the connection problems because they rely their work most of   the time using the said resources.
With the above-stated issues and irregularities, the group has come up with business strategies for the company and IT strategies that align also with the former strategy with regards to the company’s business goal. The group suggests as part of the business strategy, to choose good suppliers for the raw materials as to come up also a good quality outputs/ products and its IT strategy will be utilization of internet for gathering of reliable data and canvassing for prospect suppliers. Since using of good quality raw materials will be used, it is also suggested by the group to parallel it with acquiring high-end equipments and tools to be used in production and the company’s operation and an IT strategy for this is also to research or the most appropriate technology to be optimized. In the recruitment part, to recruit high-skilled, professional and well-learned employees for the proper manpower and human resources that will be able to handle and manage the assigned tasks respectively. The group...