Training Needs Assessment


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Evelyn Stevenson candidate no. 658389

July 2008


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To enable the effective management of health and safety, an employer is required to monitor and review its performance. The purpose of this report is to comment on the organisations health and safety training performance during 2007/08.
The scope of this report covers, health and safety issues and the development of employee training programmes to better equip and protect staff where it is reasonable practicable through training to do so.

The following diagram shows the planned process utilised for the purposes of the assessment.

Training Cycle

                                                                                Feedback loop will improve training process

HSE a- Successful Health and Safety Management

Review of literature and legislation

Health & Safety for Management – focus on work safety. Jeremy Stranks
Successful Health and Safety Management - HSE
Training for Health and Safety and the monitoring and review of all policies related to Health & Safety   and the incorporation of training policies within the management policies is strongly supported by both titles noted above. Health & Safety for Management – focus on work safety, by Jeremy Stranks looks at the options from a specific legislative point where the Successful Health and Safety Management - chapter 3 organising for health and safety HSE is supporting the integration of Health & Safety into the daily workings of the organisation

Training helps people acquire the skills, knowledge and attributes to make them competent in the health and safety aspects of their work. It includes the formal off-the-job training,...