Identify Learners Needs and How I Will Assess Them


This assignment will look at and identify learner’s needs and how I will assess them.

The assignment will also look at a group of individuals, their background and barriers to their learning, needs, styles and how they develop learning.

The college

The Engineering department at Henley College has been functional for forty years, working with a wide range of students from different areas in and around the city. The engineering department offers a wide range of courses for both young and old, experienced and inexperienced students.

Student Services

Student services has many internal links as well as external links which the student can take advantage of. They can offer a wide range of advice support and information from educational aspects to personal information. They have the contacts to make referrals to specialist organisations where necessary for a student.
Once a student has enrolled on a course they can have access to the relevant department, speaking to the appropriate people and access to the course tutor to discuss any special arrangements that may need to be made.

There is also an additional Support Manager who can assist the student by:

Making any arrangements for specialist support i.e. for students with sensory impairment from the SASU (Student Access & Support Unit), who provide initial and diagnostic assessments, in class communication, one to one tutorials and other continuous support, which may be required.
Arrange for any materials, which may require changing, or adapting.
Negotiating with external exam boards to provide assistance with any special arrangements or considerations for any examinations i.e. additional time or consideration to assistance with understanding/reading.
By arranging for preliminary dyslexia testing by referring to an Educational Psychologist for a formal assessment for course and examination support.
Student First

Henley College’s philosophy is to always place the ‘student...