Ressearching Human Services

Researching Human Services Agencies

    The first agency researched is called Washington Protection & Advocacy System or (WPAS). As of June 1, 2007 the name of this organization will be called Disability Rights Washington. This agencies primary function demographically is to serve a group of people with physical and/ or mental disabilities. Those who have seen institutionalized abuse and/or neglect of patients may have influenced this.

    According to the WPAS mission statement, the agency serves to (WPAS, 2007) “ advance the dignity, equality and self-determination of people with disabilities” (WPAS Mission, para 1). The agency may do this several different ways. WPAS may provide legal information or assistance for those meeting their criteria. This organization is very strong on fundamental human rights for people institutionalized or not, and believes that the disabled person should have input into their treatment and living arrangements. Further WPAS may offer intervention where abuse or neglect is apparent.

    Although the website did not go into detail as to what types, the WPAS agency may offer other services such as training for those who qualify. Those who qualify must meet certain federal guidelines and mandates as the WPAS receives federal monies.

    The second agency researched is Washington State Employment Security or (WSES). Demographically speaking WSES exists to deal issues regarding employers and employees in Washington State. At this particular time in the nation wide economy slump WSES mainly provides services to the unemployed or displaced workers. This is equates to services in two different ways.

    The first and primary goal of this agency is to get those who are unemployed back to work. The agency offers a searchable job bank that tone can contact the employer directly for jobs. The agency may help the displaced worker by setting up training. This is not in the form of “higher education” (university) but rather by...