Human Service Paper

What is Human Services
Jenifer Hunnicutt
University of Phoenix

As the population in the world grows, so do the poverty levels, depression, violence, crime, family dysfunction, and addiction.   The world is full of people needing help, assistance, and life skills.   When someone offers help to someone else, this is service.   Usually in a pro-social environment the self-help works the best but often there are people who do not have that type of outlet, avenue, or friend.   This is when it is time to go to the professionals; those who     specialize in that area of help needed.   Human Services is broad and can be anything from counseling, working at the Community Service Board, being the voice for a child in need at the courthouse, or helping to feed the poor.   It can be the probation officer who helps assist in lowering the numbers of recidivism, or the social worker who find the best home for a child.   Human Services is not just psychology, child aid, or elderly assistance.   Human Services is all of this and more.  
Every community has a different set of goals especially concerning Human Services.   The main goals of the communities are to invent strategies to prevent homelessness, the increase of the suicide rate, the increase of drug and alcohol addiction, also to prevent abuse and neglect of children.   Some of these strategies include more programs for people with addictions, state funding for transitional houses for the homeless, and free parenting classes.   Human service agencies also reach out to the soldiers who have come back from war.   “A recent report suggests that suicide is on the rise among Soldiers, with the year 2006 having the highest number of confirmed cases since 1990 (Lorge, pg 390).     While interviewing these Soldiers, there were (3) common factors for the cause...