1.                                                           Resolution
2. Forum: The General Assembly
4. Question of: Fighting illegal trade with organs
6. Submitted by: Tunisia
8. Co-submitted by:
10. General Assembly,
12. Keeping in mind that there is not enough information in mass media about trafficking
13. human organs,
15. Noting further that it is a worldwide problem,
17. Declaring that at the end of the year 2007 6,698 patients were listed as actively waiting
18. for a transplant,
20. Bearing in mind   the existence and development of global black market for organs,
22. Alarmed by the potential growth of the number of criminal groups which deal with
23. trafficking organs,
25. Noting with concern that trafficking in human organs is a violation of the human rights,
27. Realizing the huge gap between demand and supply of organs, namely a shortage of
28. organs available for transplantation, which leads to a desperate search for them,
30. Keeping in mind that commercialization of human organs is unethical, as the British
31. Transplantation Society also considers,
33. Taking into consideration the fact of illegal removals and trafficking in human organs,
35. Reminding about a huge death-rate among donators,
37. Taking into account that bodies donated for medical research ate quite often sold for
38. personal profit,
40. 1)Calls for Member States to cooperate with a view to combating illegal trade with
41. organs,
43. 2)Resolves to prohibit the sale of organs from living persons (especially without their
44. permission),
46. 3)Hopes to find out the circumstances driving people to sell their organs and to struggle
47. with them,
49. 4)Calls upon member states to support making legal transplantation with safe surgical
50. treatment (in order not to harm the donor or infect the recipient),
52. 5)Further...
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