Alternative Dispute Resolution Clause

Learning Team Alternative Resolution Clause
Mr. Roger Rodriguez
March 08, 2010

Kenneth D. Narducci
University of Phoeneix / Santa Teresa Campus

In the event that a dispute shall arise between parties designated as “Team A” enrolled in “Course X” at the University of Phoenix, said parties shall agree to the alternative dispute resolution method of mediation as defined by the American Arbitration Association. All members of “Team A” must participate in said mediation which shall be for duration of no less than two and no more than four hours. All parties agree that activities relative to the subject mediation be conducted at the University of Phoenix campus. The mediation shall be conducted with the primary purpose of arriving at an acceptable resolution by consensus. Deliberations of said mediation shall be administrated by “Course X” instructor, “Mr. Z”. If for reasons unforeseen “Mr. Z” is unable to perform said mediation then the alternate administrator pre-selected by “Mr. Z” at the commencement of “Course X” shall assume the role as administrator. The administrator shall assist in the mediation process in an impartial manner in the attempt to reach a settlement of the dispute. Mediation shall only be used in the case of disputes that have a reasonable potential to impact the collective GPA of “Team A”. The determination of the validity of any dispute to be submitted for mediation shall be decided collectively in a good faith effort by the members of “Team A”. Mediation will be terminated by the occurrence of any one of the following events. A consensus settlement is reached by all parties relative to the dispute. A consensus settlement is not reached by all parties relative to the dispute. In the event of no consensus settlement being reached during mediation deliberations the dispute will be submitted for arbitration   . (Alliance For Education In Dispute Resolution, 1994)
  (Alliance For...