Researching Human Services Agencies

  * Bonita A. McGill   07/11/2012
  * Researching Human Service Agencies.
  * What needs do each agency meet and what demographic does each agency serve? What or who may have influenced the agency’s decision to meet the needs of this demographic group?

  * What differences have you observed between the ways the two agencies attempt to meet human needs?

  * How successful is each agency in meeting the needs of its demographic group? What challenges may be preventing the agencies from meeting certain needs?

  1) State of Washington Division of Mental Health and Substance abuse.
  2) State of Washington Division of Family and Community Health Services.

The need for psychiatric services, community based mental health services, adult forensics, medical care for disease, residential care, substance abuse prevention and assistance in tradition from homelessness are all needs met in Washington by the State’s division of mental health and substance abuse. This agency provides both in and outpatient care to help ensure that their services are effective for long-term change in the community and for the convenience of their clients. This agency’s target population is all those residents that require intervention for substance abuse issues including help in becoming stable as they address those issues. In my opinion, providing care for children who are living in homes where mental health and substance abuse problems exist is the motivation for the provision of these.

Cancer control screenings, assistance to women in high-risk pregnancies, assistance in organ donations, child health care, family planning assistance, maternal and child services, including newborn hearing, and medical, vision, hearing, spinal and dental screening and services are all provided by the Washington Division of Family and Community Health Services. This agency’s target population in, all residents and their families who are in need of medical assistance. Since...