Research Strategy Paper


Research Strategy Paper
University of Phoenix

My life is filled with the everyday challenge of balancing work, school and my family. Every day I wake up and begin the daunting tasks of completing numerous jobs that would overwhelm even the most organized person. It begins by getting the children off to school, arriving at work, picking the children up and tending to my family’s needs. Once everyone that depends on me is settled it is time to complete my school work. Finally off to bed I go to start it all over again. What I need to solve this balancing act is a way to get everything done without feeling so overwhelmed all of the time.
The kind of information I will need to help me with my day-to-day problem will be time management strategies, relaxation methods, and maybe even some techniques on how to delegate a few of my responsibilities to others. If I can learn to delegate I could free up a tremendous amount of time that could be spent either on myself or as a bonus with my children. This information can be found on websites such as,, and Other places this kind of information can be found is at the library, self help books, or your academic counselor.
When I do searches on the internet I look for websites that contain updated information and come from trusted sources such as doctors or professors. Feeling overwhelmed is best dealt with by relaxation and learning to relax is something that a doctor should be able to help with. Getting their perspective on ways to relax could prove to be very helpful. Time management and delegation are areas that most professors would have a great deal of experience. Finding an article that a professor has written concerning either of these issues should offer several suggestions that would be very helpful.
Reading all of the information the website contains can sometimes take too long so I will read the information that is relevant...