Research Strategy Paper

Research Strategy Paper Assignment

All people have problems in their day to day lives that relate to school. A few examples of day to day problems that relate to school are time management, college level writing, and procrastination. Procrastination will be the problem that will be focused on in this paper. Procrastination will be explained, and then the information that needs to be gathered to solve the problem will be mentioned. Next, the sources of the information will be put in the paper, and a description of the process that will be used to evaluate the information. Then the next part that will be discussed is all the pieces of information that will be considered when doing the evaluation, and validity and perspective will be used in the evaluation process as well. Next, at the end all the information will be put together and used to solve the problem of procrastination. Then there are many considerations that have to be thought about when trying to come to a conclusion. After all the steps are done a thought out solution will be the end result. Everyone should know how to evaluate and solve all their problems.
Many people procrastinate when they have obligations that need to be done, whether it is college work or necessary work that needs to be done for your career. Procrastination is putting off doing something, and it is especially put off because of laziness or carelessness. It is also delaying or postponing doing something needlessly. Procrastination is a problem for most college students because they party the night before or think everything else is more important than things that are important.
Next, there are different types of information that should be gathered to help solve the problem of procrastination. The first piece of information that should be gathered is the leading causes, and any minor causes of procrastination. If a person knows the causes of procrastination then they could try their best to not do them. The second piece of...