Research Strategy Paper

Research Strategy Paper
My most pressing problem at this time is money management. I have to find a budget that will work for me to be able to run my home. In the past few years I have had several setbacks, including the loss of my husband and a salary decrease of almost fifty percent. My husband’s salary was not being considered because for the year before his death he only worked intermittently.   There were very few bills associated with his hospitalization and I had been working on lowering any credit balances and any payment plans we had.
I worked a private nursing job until the fall of last year so my salary was twice as much as I would be getting working in the private sector, unfortunately I was only given two weeks’ notice that the job would be ending, so I did not have time to put anything away for the time I would be out of work. As it turns out it has taken me almost a year to find a job where the patient is not in and out of the hospital all the time. I have taken in a border which brings in a steady monthly income.
Now that I have a steady income I can start looking for a way to budget my money.
My first consideration is to find any information that I can on budgets. Since I never had a budget before I need to find out what a budget really is, what types of things are taken into consideration. Do I just want to pay my bills or do I want to have an emergency fund?   Will I be able to keep the things I enjoy now or should I give up anything that can be considered a luxury for a while?   Should I invest in some kind of money market fund, buy stocks or open a savings account and what type of investment might bring in the most in interest?
I can start my research by turning to my family and friends to see how they manage their money.   I can ask questions about how they budget their money and how much they spend on items like food and home heating oil, asking these questions might save me money if they are purchasing items in different places than I am...