Research Strategy Paper

Time Management
Sara Milam
University Of Phoenix
March 7, 2010
Ila Allen
Time Management
I have a lifestyle that dictates that I must juggle different tasks including being a parent, a caregiver, and a student. All of these tasks can become very challenging to balance at times and require that I keep up with my time management skills otherwise I may lose out on one thing or another. Effective time management for me can be either really rewarding while I’m pursuing my college degree or it can be very frustrating. As a student learning how to manage my time effectively can be the difference between a passing and failing grade, especially if I am not able to devote time to my assignments that have to be completed at a set time. For me as well as others that struggle with managing our time effectively it is very important for us to develop a research strategy to overcome this dilemma.
When it comes to gathering information to help solve the problem of managing time effectively Carter, Bishop, & Kravits (2007), state that “a careful analysis of how much information you need, how much time to spend gathering it, and whether the information is relevant.” For the problem of time management the information being gathered will be generated by a person analyzing their own schedule. This would be the first step in information gathering, identifying a person’s time-related needs and preferences. The best way for accomplishing this task is for a person to determine what part of the day they are most productive, look at their current time-related habits, and then to make a list of preferences that will help them to establish a routine that works for them. At this point in time the next step is to build a schedule incorporating the information the person as gathered. During the process of building a schedule it is often helpful to get a planner to help keep track of important goals, responsibilities, and deadlines. It is also important to prioritize...