Research Strategy Paper

The problem I have is a Laptop with a busted screen, so I am using an external monitor, which is a pain in my neck. I always have to be looking at it off to one side. It also is a problem when I want to take the computer with me places it isn’t so portable anymore. It has gotten slower due to age also and with the fact that I am now in school I feel that a newer computer that I can have multiple windows side by side more easily would be of more benefit to me.

      When I first started to look for this computer I went to the store where I bought the last one I got to see what they had for decent computers at a good price but wasn’t happy with what I saw there for computer prices I don’t have 800.00 to put into a computer that will do everything and that isn’t what I am after anyway. The next place I looked was at Best Buy both online and in one of their stores but again I wasn’t real happy with what I was finding there, most of what was there was high end gaming machines. They will work for school purposes but that wasn’t my focus for this computer. Next I went looking at Office Max and found a computer that was within the price range I was looking for and had the capabilities I wanted. I also looked at the HP website and tried to build my own computer thinking that I could save some money that way, but that wasn’t the case it turned out to be a little cheaper than the one that had put together but still way too expensive for me.

      When I was in the different stores I talked to different sales people, and asked many different questions about the computers that they had so that I knew what each one had, what they were capable of doing, and what software came installed on them. I also asked about software specials that I might want to purchase with the computer. I also took down the computer info and went to the manufacturer’s website to see what I could find out about the different computers that were at the different stores because the stores little...