Repeal Obamacare

Congress has pushed through an awful government-run healthcare plan that over seventy percent of Americans polled oppose.   It pushes this nation further in its slide towards socialism and that runs against the constitutional limitations placed on the role of the federal government.

I am calling for a repeal of this legislation also known as Obamacare.   Those who have either supported this legislation or who do not work to repeal it will hear from the voters in the upcoming November 2010 congressional elections.   Democrats: You've been put on notice, and you should not underestimate our power at the polls.

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) released a statement saying that he will introduce legislation to repeal the health care reform bill that passed.   Here's the full text:

"This bill is unconstitutional and it cannot be fixed. It must be repealed," said Senator DeMint. "The battle for health care freedom is not over and I will introduce legislation this week to repeal this health takeover.

"Unless this trillion-dollar assault on our freedoms is repealed, it will force Americans to purchase Washington-approved health plans or face stiff penalties. It will fund abortions, raise taxes and insurance premiums, while reducing health care choices and quality."
"This arrogant power grab proves that the President and his party care more about government control than the will of the American people. Americans told Washington to keep its hands off their health care in opinion polls, at public protests, and at the ballot box, but their pleas were ignored.”

"If the President and Democrats were serious about true health care reform, there were many free-market solutions we could have easily passed. Americans support commonsense reforms such as purchasing coverage across state lines, stopping frivolous medical lawsuits, and giving the same tax breaks to Americans who don't get their insurance at work. Unfortunately, Democrats refused to listen."

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